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KynolRegistered Trademark NOVOLOID FIBERS

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KynolRegistered Trademark, generally known as novoloid fiber, is characterized by its high flame and chemical resistance. Novoloid fiber technology was initially developed in the United States with commercial production facilities later established in Japan. End uses for KynolRegistered Trademark are varied and business development is focused primarily on specialty applications.

Made from an organic formula derived from three-dimensional cross-linked phenolic resin, KynolRegistered Trademark exhibits unique properties that provide a distinct advantage in applications as diverse as electric arc protection, gaskets, mechanical packing and friction paper. Over the years, KynolRegistered Trademark has also replaced asbestos in various industrial applications and is used as a precursor for carbon and activated carbon fibers materials.

Key characteristics of KynolRegistered Trademark fibers, yarns and fabrics

Flame Resistance:
・Inherently flame resistant (contains no halogen or phosphorus)
・Limited oxygen index (L.O.I.) between 30 - 34
・Exhibits minimal shrinkage and smoke emission when exposed to flame
・Will gradually char until carbonized completely
・Due to 3-dimensional cross-linked chemical structure, the fibers are thermoset and will not melt
・Can withstand short-term heat exposure in temperatures > 1000C
・When exposed to extremely high air temperature the fibers carbonize and gradually decompose
・In conditions where there is long-term heat exposure, KynolRegistered Trademark is recommended for temperatures < 150˚C (300˚F) in air and < 250˚C (482˚F) in absence of air

Chemical resistance:
・Strong resistance to acids, alkalis and organic solvents.

Main methylol groups found in KynolRegistered Trademark
cross-linked to composite material to create a chemical bond.

Typical properties
Color Gold
Diameter 14~33μm
Fiber length 1~100 mm
Specific gravity 1.27
Tensile strength 13~18cN/tex
Elongation 10~60%
Modulus 3000~4000 N/mm2
Moisture regain <6.0%
Combustibility (L.O.I) 30~34%
Heat resistance 150~250℃
Specific heat 1.6~1.8 J/g.℃
Thermal conductivity 1.3~2.5×10-4 W/m.K.℃
Coefficient of thermal expansion 10~30×10-6/℃
Thermo-Gravimetric Analytics
Smoke Emission
Chemical resistance
Affinity with resin

Glass FRP

KynolRegistered Trademark FRP: unified with resin

KynolRegistered Trademark novoloid-based carbon products are well regarded for their high flexibility and workability (low modulus) and for excellent compatibility with resins and elastomers.

Consult Details
KynolRegistered Trademark products
Staple: 2-5d x 51, 70, 100mm
Non crimp & crimped

Chopped 6mm

2d, 5d, 10d
・Joint Sheet
・Packing, Gasket
・Fire blocking layer
for Seat
・Additive for FR materials
・Heat Insulators
・Clutch papers
・Woven Blake, Blake lining, Pad
・Industrial apparel, gloves
・Fire-fighting garment
・Electric cable cover
Spun Yarns
Woven fabrics Weight
Aluminized Weight
Carbon Fibers

Kynol novoloid-based carbon products are well regarded for their high flexibility and workability (low module) and for excellent compatibility with resin and elastomer.

Activated Carbon Fibers

Kynol activated carbon products combine high effective surface area with good textile properties, and are available in wide range of forms including fibers, tows, felts, fabrics and papers.

Typical properties
Carbon Yarn
Carbon yarns
Carbon Cloth
300g/㎡ 95 wt.%
Activated Carbon Fibers
Specific surface
area BET 800~2,000㎡/g
Air filter
Mask filter
Water filter
for EDLC
for solvent
Carbon Felt
Weight 70~200g/㎡
Specific surface
area BET 800~1,800㎡/g
Carbon Cloth
Weight 90~200g/㎡
Specific surface
area BET 800~1,800㎡/g
Consult Product List
Product list

From milled and staple fiber to yarns, fabrics and carbon precusors, our products address a wide variety of needs. Numerous products are available as regular production items. Please contact us to choose appropriate product for your application or to discuss development of a product to meet your specific requirements.

The below links provide our typical products for your reference:

Kynol Catalog (PDF)
Kynol Products list (PDF)
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